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Obviously, the most important question I could ask is, Who do I thank for creating such a wonderful product that keeps my bathroom activities safe from the public view?

Awwwwww, thanks! You can thank our CEO and Founder. He was inspired to create Bathroom Ninja® after his wife served him with a court order to do his business in a different county instead of their home bathroom.

Bathroom Ninja® is obviously really powerful. It saves my honor, but is it safe for my toilet?

Even though you now have the power of a Ninja at your fingertips, you will be glad to know that our bathroom sprays are completely safe for your toilet. Our essential oils won't damage your bowl or your plumbing. Just make sure you don't try to eat it or spray it in your eyes or anything like that. This ninja goes directly into the bowl before you go, and nowhere else.

So what is in Bathroom Ninja® anyway?

Whoa. Hold on there, Amigo. We love you, but would you ask the Colonel to give up his 11 herbs and spices? We can tell you this much - Bathroom Ninja® is created using all natural ingredients and essential oils. It's a secret, because Ninja's are secret types. Surely you didn't think we would actually tell you this stuff? That's like asking us to take off our Ninja mask.


How many times should I spray this stuff in the bowl?

Your mileage may vary, but most people tend to like 6 sprays into the bowl. That tends to do the job and maintain your code of secrecy.

How much Ninja is in here anyway?

Well, that depends on your weapon of choice. Our 5mL purse stealth travel bottle size = 25 uses while our 4oz bottle = 600 uses = perfect for your house or your friend's house, or your business, or wherever else you need to be discreet, unless that place is somewhere without a toilet in which case, you need more help than we can provide.


My Ninja arrived broken, spilled, etc.

Lucky for you, Ninja's aren't simply quiet, well-dressed, and able to cover up your wrong doings. They are also the most courteous folks around. Just send us an email and explain how we wronged you and then let us make it right. Simple.


So where does Bathroom Ninja® ship to?

No worries, friend. We ship to all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

My Bathroom Ninja® didn't arrive!

Never fear friend. Just contact us by clicking HERE and let's figure out what happened. We will do our best to get your order back on track!

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